Coco by Insia Lacewalla

One sunday afternoon, my partner in crime and ever-ready-experimenter, Andrea Brown and I decided to stir up something sweet to beat the all week long craving. Inspired by the famous Audrey Tautou song from Coco Chanel, we call this Coco! 



1 cup fresh grated coconut
3 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp of real vanilla extract
2 tbsp honey
A pinch of rock salt
5 bars of chocolate
12 almonds (optional)


Mix the grated coconut, coconut oil, vanilla extract, honey and salt in a bowl.
Grind it to a thick consistency in a food processor till it feels sticky between your fingers
Place a tsp of the mixture on parchment paper or foil and give it a rectangular shape with your fingers.
Add almonds if you like.
Freeze for 30 mins.
Chop the chocolate bar into pieces.
Melt the chocolate to a smooth consistency in the microwave or in a double boiler*.
Using a toothpick, dip the coconut mixtures into the melted chocolate or spoon the chocolate over them.
Place them back in the freezer for ten mins.
Remove and serve.

*Fill a sauce pan with water. Put the chocolate into a smaller pan inside the larger pan of water and stir until the chocolate melts.)


What is Bombay Recipe Club?

Bombay Recipe Club is a community cookbook.

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of community recipe books since I heard of them as a young teen. In many places, the town library carries a giant compendium of its residents’ treasured family recipes. Visitors can copy out existing submissions and add their own for the ultimate crowd sourced and social recipe book.

Also generations before us passed on recipes to each other – family to family, neighbour to neighbour, friend to friend. Bombay Recipe Club takes this very idea online and aims to document and preserve the culinary exploits of our time and perhaps encourage some more. Find favourite recipes contributed by Bombay’s biggest food enthusiasts in one convenient delicious place.

Bombay Recipe Club is run by Sheena, Insia and of course, you. Please email if you would like to get involved.